Ready For A Challange...

We are on a quest to bring our vision to life
and create the most epic entertainment experiences ever. 

G2xbit strongly believes the main ingredients for success comes from working with talented people who share our vision. If that sounds like you, take action and join our journey into the matrix.

University Relations

We work with many different universities throuhgout Scandinavia and the United States.
Together with the universities, we conduct research projects on emerging technologies. If you are a university representative, learn more about how your university can be apart of the journey. 

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Internships & Research

Our goal is to give interns the opportunity to connect with all levels of the business. As an intern, you'll work together with our development team on real content in an actual work environment. We treat all of our interns as an equal and valued member of the team. Learn how to be an professional at G2xbit!

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Career Opportunities

At G2xbit, we are building the future with beatiful technology.  we are always looking for new talents to help us make our vision come to life. G2xbit is made by the people. If You want to be apart of our journey, 
learn more about our current job listings under learn more, or discover our disciplines. 

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Student Programs

G2xbit Studios was formed in 2016 by two colleagues looking to build a future and decided to execute their dream into a vision of doing something they were extremely passionate about, 
and founded G2xbit Inc. 2018. 

 If you're looking for an exciting internship or a great job right out of college, this could be the place for you!

Graduating Students

Graduating in the near future? You're in luck! 

Check out these entry-level roles exclusively for college students ready to take on the world.



Are you a current college student looking to gain meaningful, handson, valuable experience? 
Discover what our internship program 
has to offer.



Throughout the year students can partake in our different research projects with emerging technologies at our G2xbit Labs division.
Find out how you and your university can be apart of the journey.


We have a wide selection of jobs extending far beyond traditional game creation roles. 

We rely on a well-rounded team setup of many disciplines, 
including a few position you probably wouldn't expect!

Take some time to explore the different roles, 
and determine if we have something and if it is right for just you.


Game Programmer




2D / 3D Sketch



3D Animation / Film Production





Engneering & Tech

Backend, Servers and Hardware


Marketing & Communication

PR and Social Media